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MOB;           07779906866
CLINIC;       01453 757006

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                                                                                           AREAS COVERED
Glos, Chelt, Ciren, Bath, Wilts, Swindon, Oxford, Bristol, Worcs, Forest of Dean.  Further distances covered for yards for a half/full days work.  Travel costs can then be shared.  Combined dog/ horse/rider treatments can be arranged on yards or in people's homes.
To make any appt please contact me via this form or call 07779906866
Fawkes Clinic, Brunell Mall, London Road, Stroud.  01453 757006. Hours are variable due to home / yard visits for dogs and horses;

Mon -  9.30 start 
Tues -  9.30 start
Fri - flexible hours
++ I am often treating animals on other days but if you require an appt at a different day and time please get in touch to discuss your needs       

*** Eve appts available - last appt 6pm

No human clinics at the weekend but I am available to treat dogs and horses,

I am also part of the Vale Vets Pet Rehabilitation Team, Stinchcombe. We we offer Bowen, Reiki, Physiotherapy, laser and shockwave therapy.   To find out more go to  


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