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        What is the Bowen Technique?

The Bowen Technique is an holistic therapy, which simply means treating the body as a 'whole', not focusing on specific conditions or symptoms.   
Bowen is a soft tissue therapy - I am working with muscle, tendons, ligaments and most importantly a highly complex connective tissue called fascia.  It is not a form of massage and no high velocity moves or adjustments are made.
The Bowen 'move' is best described as a rolling type movement. These moves are made over precise parts of the body and tend to be made 'cross fibre' so can have a stimulating effect
Fascia Bowen moves are slightly different and are made with the direction of fibre so tend to tend be more relaxing.
The light touch is very important as it allows the stimulus from the 'moves' to penetrate deep into to soft tissue whereas a heavier touch that may cause pain actually causes the body to resist. 
Although I am targeting the superficial layers of fascia and muscles, the stimulus / impact of the Bowen move travels into the deeper and surrounding tissues.
Is it important to understand how the body (whether human or animal) works, and is put together. Our skeleton is held in place by soft tissue, there is nowhere within the body where bone connects directly to bone.
Bones are connected to each other via soft tissue i.e. ligaments, tendons and muscle.  All our muscles, tendons and ligaments are connected to one another and enveloped in a connective tissue called 'fascia'.  
The soft tissue is what holds the body together and provides us with movement
A problem within soft tissue can create a problem with the skeletal structure,   As an example, tension in the muscles, tendon and ligaments around the lower back / pelvis after a simple slip or trip can put uneven pressure on the skeleton. In time, if left, this  can pull the pelvis out of alignment, this in turn can cause sciatica, lumbago, hip and knee pain, and even problems further up the spine into the neck and shoulders.
During a Bowen treatment are short intervals of rest or breaks, where I am not working on the person/dog/horse.  These breaks are an integral part of a Bowen treatment as they allow the brain time to process the information and start to respond - the body is very busy on a cellular level
Bowen may help to;
  • Release soft tissue tension
  • Ease pain
  • Facilitate structural balance
  • Promote healing and well-being
  • Reduce stress
  • Aid recovery from illness, injury, surgery
  • Increase sporting performance
  • Aid recovery rates
                   It is important to treat the WHOLE  body, not just the area presenting with the issue.
                               ** Bowen Therapy is not a substitute for professional medical / veterinary care. **
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