FOREVER LIVING
I am very excited to announce that in April 2020 I joined this amazing company and become a Forever Business Owner.
Forever Living is the largest grower and manufacturer of Aloe Vera products in the world. Established for 42 years, Forever is a global company that grows, harvests and processes its own Aloe plants into the amazing products they sell. 
As well as their main Aloe products gels for which they are most well known, they also have an extensive range of health, well-being, fitness and weight management products which include vitamins, supplements, skin, hair and sun care.
As a Bowen therapist I am keen to find additional ways to help and support my clients - both 2 and 4 legged.  I have used the Forever products for many years and have seen the amazing results - from feeling more energised and with fewer aches and pains when using the drinking gels and topical lotions - to using the products on horses with a variety of issues from wire wounds to mud fever, and dogs with joint and skin issues.
I wanted to be able to recommend high quality products, from an established, trusted and respected company who not only support their business owners, but also their customers - All Forever products come with a 60 day money back guarantee.  
Many of the products can be used safely and effectively on animals - from rabbits, cats, dogs to horses, cows and other livestock - in fact the original RCVS coat of arms, if you look closely, features an Aloe Vera plant!
You can be assured that I am able to offer solid, knowledgeable advice about any of the Forever products -whether for you or your animals - I am also familiar with the products that fall within FEI regulations.
Copy and paste this link to your search bar to go to my online store . Here you can shop as a guest or set up and account, order and have it delivered to your door.  *please make sure you see "Madeline Freeman welcomes you" when you enter the store 
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Using the best products on my horse! Rub
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